“KinderHerz Innovation-Award”

Stiftung KinderHerz and the Ministry of Innovation, Higher Education and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia introduced the “KinderHerz Innovation-Award 2016” in order to support and promote innovative research in pediatric cardiology. This Research Award will define and shape the scientific landscape intensively, not only in Germany, but will also influence the focus and outcome of research in pediatric cardiology on a global basis.

150.000 EURO were awarded in three different categories:

“Innovative Scientific Approach”,

“Aspiring Scientific Talent" and

“Nursing & Care”.

We also expect to award research teams with the “KinderHerz Innovation-Award” in 2018. Furthermore, we are also evaluating the possibility of installing the KinderHerz Innovation-Award in other Federal States in Germany and, as a further step, nationwide.

After Münster in 2016, the Award ceremony is going to take place in Dortmund this year and will be hosted in an even more exclusive setting.