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Side by side in favour of children with heart diseases

What we do

Seventy percent of affected children would die without treatment, and more than 25 percent of these children with heart defects require open-heart surgery. This is why children with heart diseases and their families are at the centre of the KinderHerz Foundation's activities: specialised children's heart centres are necessary to ensure the quality of care for patients according to current medical possibilities.

Paediatric cardiac surgery and cardiology have developed excellently over the last 25 years, especially in Germany. In view of tight budgets, this must also be guaranteed for the coming years. German paediatric heart centres can continue to make an important contribution to the development of innovative medical standards worldwide

The KinderHerz Foundation works closely with almost 20 paediatric heart centres in Germany. Our partners and cooperations extend across Germany and beyond. An important aspect of our work is the networking of experts and medical centres throughout Germany to ensure the transfer and exchange of knowledge.

In this way, the results achieved in specific areas of paediatric cardiology and also in related disciplines will have the greatest impact and lead to the fastest success in helping children all over the world.

We want a world where children with congenital heart defects have the same life expectancy as their healthy friends.


8,700 children with a severe heart disease per year are our motivation as the KinderHerz Stiftung

We fund:

Medical research and space travel have one thing in common: both are expensive. Therefore, it is our endeavour as a foundation to make this research possible for children with heart disease, as we are currently doing for more than 30 projects. We support the children's heart centres associated with us and are open to all actions and events that help our so called „Herzkinder“.

We inform:

As enlighteners and at the same time the public voice of children with heart diseases, we want to raise public awareness, impart knowledge and direct the focus on a large group of sufferers who otherwise often have too quiet a voice.

We connect:

Our purpose: gathering people who, working together, can do more for our „Herzkinder“ than they can on their own: Idea-givers, implementers and decision-makers from medicine, media, politics and business, from sports organisations and educational institutes.

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Sylvia Paul